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I am very near the conclusion of my Mozart book... I swear it BEST NOT MAKE ME CRY.

Went to the Wadsworth the other day, but was dragged away because my Stepmother had a hair appointment. I didn't even get to go in the gift shop, though I got some great semi-illegal photos with my NEW DIGITAL CAMERA. Haha, my father is full of surprises. Killed my 'I want it' list too... not that I'm disappointed ^_^ Going to put some Jude movies in there next, as I'm suffering from Law withdrawal something terrible lately.

Watched Bambi for the first time ever last night... Bambi's Dad is so cool, and I ♥ Thumper. On Saturday there was a movie marathon, Aliens at about 6 in the morning and much perversity (in least on my part. Thanks guys.)

Also saw Conceiving Ada... I don't think I appreciated it fully. Must see again, now I have it on DVD. Tilda Swinton, who plays Ada, is also the White Witch Jada in the new Narnia movie. I'm not sure, but aside from Orlando it must be the biggest role she's ever gotten... I feel really happy for her. I ♥ Tilda too.

Father bought me a Cameo for $22.00 yesterday because he thought it looked like me. *smile* I'd love to get a real one done one day, but you have to GO TO ITALY to afford even a cheap one.

There is an exhibition in Providence called 'Six Friends in Dieppe', about Degas and his famous associates; SICKERT is featured. Therefore I MUST GO TO SEE IT, before it ends on the 15th of January. MUST SEE MUST SEE MUST SEE. Must also see Casanova.

Mozart and Casanova met, you know.

6_6 Yesiree.

EDIT: I have new, normal colored hair. Hoorah etc.

EDIT 2: I haven't read my friends page in about two months, and likewise plan never to again. NOTE TO SELF: must start visiting individual journals. 'Cos I'm MISSING STUFF.
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