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Home again home again diddly dee.

SO... I saw Pride and Prejudice, and in the words of a close friend, it was B E A U T I F U L. Such a fantastic romance, and I'm (of course) taken with unconventionally handsome Mr. D. Lizzie rocked the Kasbah too with such brilliant, adorable constant laughter... not the nasty twittery kind her sister Lydia had. And she was so witty! I absolutely loved how Mr. Darcy refused to dance with her, and that she - having declared that poetry kills romance as apposed to feeding it - answered that dancing was the key to keeping love alive! And then Mr. Darcy asked her to dance with him!!! I was racked with laughter so many times. There's a scene where you see Mr D's Grecian sculpture collection.. it was enchanting, just like all the other sets. Somewhat made me want to go visit the statue of Eve in one of the more lovely New England Art galleries. If I get to see the movie again I so hope I do.. it was wonderful! I love regency period dress so much... we should all dress that way always... :( that we don't.
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