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I should never be allowed into book shops: I cannot browse without buying. I don't know how to do it. And it totally ruins my 'why read about what you can learn from experience' argument. The list of books I have yet to finish includes:

1) Houdini: the Untold Story
2) Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
3) Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution
4) WR Sickert by DP Corbet
5) Vampire Hunter D: Raiser of Gales
6) Love Among the Haystacks

The list of books I've yet to start:

7) Frankenstein Unabridged
8) Dracula the graphic novel
9) Heavy Words Lightly Thrown
10) Clara Schumann by M Steegmann

I'm presently working through Houdini's biography... you know, I think he's going on my list of idols. His own worship of Robert Houdin (so much like mine of W Sickert - can you guess where Harry got his name from?), his impetuous nature.. his devotion to his craft, his wonderful relationship with his wife Bess... And of course, he's German by birth. I picked up the paper back for a dollar, in mint condition - I doubt it's ever been read. The receipt, from Walden Books was still inside, dated March 2nd 1972.

I bought Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans the other day... the manufacturers have done a good job reproducing the vomit flavor one. Needless to say I didn't finish them... But I bought Erin a bag ;)

My Father cheated me out of buying a ten dollar copy of Love Actually, one of my favorite Brit flicks... he guilted me into letting him have it to give Susan for Christmas. I bought Notting Hill instead, and spent the evening getting ever so slightly home-sick.

I saw Zorro the other day, and Flight Plan yesterday. Zorro was really surprisingly good: a terrible script and a clichéd plot elevated by fantastic acting/editing/costume design. If I ever have the chance to buy that movie I'm going to, because I can remember squealing with delight whilst watching it. Yesterday; Flight Plan; scared me. There is something about an emotional unstable Jodie Foster that makes my heart race like an uncontrolled freight train. It was well done... a thriller which reminded me of Red Eye, but way too distressing, generally.

OMG CASANOVA. Has anyone seen ads for that movie yet? It's a Regency drama set in Venice. They showed a picture of the Grand canal and my heart just about stopped. The production values look beyond amazing... what I wouldn't give to dress in those clothes!! Casanova's biography is going on my 'I want it' list now, so soon as I can find an up-to-date, detailed one.

* * * * *

My English class is much like the one I took at Valley (what a wonder -_-), so we have to produce a draft to be critiqued one week, before submitting the final copy the next. Our teacher asks we come in with something, even if it's only a line or two. This week, after having shirked my work as usual, I wrote at the top of my draft:

[Perfunctory writer’s note: I’m aware of the fact that what is written bellows should logically resemble an essay; that what is written above should in all probability be substituted with a title of my own devising (the preference being for something clever and original), and that all of it in turn should be formatted as is easiest for my audience to read. But we all know that isn’t going to happen, because I am lazy, stupid, and obstinate. AND I like starting my sentences with a conjunction. Be clever: critique what is written, not what isn’t there. It’s a lovely mish-mash of ideas which I’m playing around with, and really isn’t intended to make much sense anyway. Cheers much.]

The draft that was read by students in the class came back to me with two comments beside this paragraph. The first read:

"Hey Buddy, we don't make the rules and I support your unique and different form of writing, but the teacher is going to flip a sh*t when she sees this, and take of serious points. I advise you change it."

Below was written (by someone else): "Right on man! :]"

Yet from my English teacher:

"Your notes are always refreshing! I wish more students viewed the activity of writing as you do -> all I can ask is you play with ideas!"


I laughed like a nutcase all the way back to my dorm.

* * * * *

At Borders they're selling the official movie light-saber for $119.00. It's a glass cylinder which lights up and makes whooshie noises when you movie it. I fought an invisible adversary with the blue one while my Father paid for my books. It comes in red, green and blue, but sadly no purple. I spent a moment contemplating whether or not to forfeit all my other presents and just ask for one lightsaber for Christmas, but decided against it. I have a Darth Vader Pez dispenser and more then one type of movie card. I am happy.

I also own My Little Pony Bubble Bath. Sadly, still lacking an actual bath.

* * * * *

EDIT: Harry Houdini abandoned his idol -_-; He was a bit mad. Harry, that is. But Mozart is a musical squeegasm to be sure. Sonata #11 has been playing on repeat for hours.
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