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"Procrastination is the thief of time."

- Edward Young

I went home this weekend. I should be working on my art final... I have a lot of things to finish...

On Saturday, saw a play performed at Hartford University with my family. The actors were really incredible, though the play itself was really awful. Before-hand I'd gone out and done some of my last shopping for abroad... still looking for things to send certain people. Haven't yet finished everything...

Went to Marshalls and found something so startlingly lovely that I wasn't sure what it was doing there. A music box, but also an imitation Faberge egg - diamond studded, and red with gold roses - which plays the first few notes of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. In Amadeus, Salieri uses an exert from this piece to demonstrate to the visiting Priest the gift of Mozart's enduring ability.

There are twenty days before Christmas (and nineteen until Alex's nineteenth..). Who else is freaked at how fast time has flown??

I have an exam at 11:00am in Geography for which I have not studied, and as of yet have no desire to consider... My Stepmother was almost aggressive in her insistence that I revise and get a good grade: thus, where I began dubious of my success, I finish determined in my failure. Very clearly I am cutting off my own nose... but I've never been that fond of my face anyway. So I stomped back into my room and divided the time between catching up with Constanze and sleeping. Tomorrow is Art, which means some time (an hour at least) must today be devoted to sketching the outside of a building. It will be cold, but I own cheap gloves and a scarf, so I think I can manage it.

Erin is gone. I returned to find out fridge still on; her CD player (which I have been using since mine finally died) in place; a small present left on my mattress. But her weekend bag is missing and her book-bag is empty. I suspect she's commuting for the exams. It irks me because now my gift to her will be late... unless I can somehow catch her working.

My exams finish at about 2:00pm on Wednesday, and I have to be out of the dorm 12 hours afterwards. Damn holidays... Nicola Ryder was right. I am a humbug. Just goes to show what we can't acknowledge about ourselves when we're twelve and getting a first crush on a friend's brother. Tsk.

Hmm... Other things that require consideration? I finally gave in to impulse and bought methusa some gifts to send to London as she hasn't been very good about telling me what she wants (we have been through this before, and I know better then to ignore the experience). It is addressed directly to the house and not Garmer, who also receives her gifts separate to Bernar (whose I address to Hartington Street, right?)

I'm starting to dislike Anime on account of all the crazy anime fans I keep encountering. Why are they so frequently lame??

I think it's fair to say that - at the moment - I am desperately frustrated, tired and lonely. And yet I don't really want company. I just need some back-ground noise to remind me that I'm not the only person on earth, a few painkillers and possibly more sleep. But that will have to wait until Wednesday. For now I'm hanging on to every precious moment I can squeeze out of CCSU, sleep-deprivation or no. There are some things more important to me then exams, and maintaining a grip on reality is one of them.

EDIT: Just failed Geog. Woooooo (go me)!!

EDIT 2: Erin is not gone... she just went home for the weekend as I did, and left my present as she wanted me to open it as soon as I saw it. There is still time... But I won't. I don't want Santa to put me over his knee...
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dont worry, it so common among us at our age, in this transition, to feel frustrated and lonely. i know, its horrible, but i just keep thinking of what will happen after this. you know what it is, life. this time now is nothing, just what takes place before it. i already know you got plans, places to see, just wait, it'll all happen in time.
You're definitely right about the period of transition that we all go through. I see it over and over again in the biographies I read: that people just enter this period or indeterminate study during their late teens/early twenties, before really becoming the people they're going to be for the rest of their lives... a kind of limbo, almost. I'm just impatient -_-; Frustrated by being young, I guess. I think about all the amazing things I could be doing, and yet >fsahf nbsafmbamf< I'm trapped here.
i know, me too, i just want to be in my own place doing what i want, but we unfortunately cant skip time. fucking rules of physics. it also sucks to be constantly thinking of the future and what you want to do, like we are wasting time right now not doing what we want.
"procrastination is the thief of time" - so fucking true.
It's a favorite of mine, that saying. I basically almost missed my Art final because I didn't finish my work until about eight minutes before I was due to go in and have it reviewed...
Aww, I'm sorry about geography. If it makes you feel any better I guessed on about 50% of my abnormal psychology exam. Eeh. I am quite a bit of a crazy person (hah hah, no pun intended). I told Carmen if I didn't get an A- or higher in all of my classes I would start slitting my wrists. Heeee. At least that's what I did in a dream of mine. But I don't care so much about Nutrition and Health anymore. Its damned impossible to get above a B in that class anyway. The teacher nit-picks so much its unbelivable. I don't know. All in all (and here is the big theory behind my obsession with perfect grades) if I don't get within the vicinity of an A I feel like I've slacked off. Anyway . . . why am I rambling on so much? Must get to another topic and fast.

You don't like Anime anymore?! Wah!! Am I really that uncool? ;_;

And today it is 11 days till my birthday and only one more Final (on Wed also! but from 3-5:30pm) to drive me batty.

Um, toodles? Because my mom is calling me and I am at school. And sitting here in the warm library while she is in a cold car is probably pissing her off. ^_^
I have this thing about working in classes I can't see practical cause for taking, and this was one of them. All the meaningless information... I'll be lucky if I scrape through with a C- in the stupid thing as I see it. Ahhhh well. There is always next semester to make up.

It's not that I don't like anime, I'm just not as mad about it as I used to be... I still think it's pretty cool and watch it etc. But anime nerds (you aside, obviously)... I keep bumping into them... and they're all so stooooopid. Like... like the male Star Trek nerd equivalent. *frowns* The same is true of the HP fandom and the LotR fandom, now I think of it. *sigh* The obsessiveness scares me, even when I see it in myself.

TTFN ^_^ Thine birthday cometh...
I can relate to the whole HP fandom world
Anime, like anything, must be held to standards. Hence why we like good ones and revile those that worship bad ones.
Except Alex, cuz we love her no matter what.
I pretty much dislike anime/HP/LotR fandoms equally, Alex omitted (obviously) because she isn't an emotionally unstable lunatic who craves life in a magical alternate universe. I am kinda ashamed of being such a fan geek girl, and shall resist all urges in future. Hopefully I can then become a normal individual with a wide variety of contemporary interests, though I think I might be prone to obsessiveness anyway. Oh well.. better History then Harry Potter.
Well actually I secretly do wish I could pull a sword out of my bosom like Anthy. Though I would want to use it instead of just being someone's sword-pulling-bosom-bitch. That would be the top anime I would love to live in. But, I am not obsessed. Well, much. Heh.

Let's just say I like the real world better. Thank goodness for that.
rawr <thats backround noise its okay i'm an anime fan and i'm not freakishly lame, hang in there it'll be alright don't hate anime just cuz most of its fans aren't cool like oyu and me :)<thats a smiley face