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As a matter or point,

I'm considering dying my hair back to it's plain brown color plus bangs. What does everyone think? I've loved having my hair in variety of different styles and shades, but I miss just having it normal. I'm also growing it out.. back to it's full length. I haven't had my hair long in four years: It will curl like mad.. 5 times more then it does now. Thoughts?

EDIT: I just saw Amadeus for the first time, and am just about finished sniveling over it. God, it's such a shame Tom Hulce has let himself go... he was deadly sexy playing Wolfgangus. And that laugh. Anyone who's seen the movie.. you know what I'm talking about. Mozart laughs like a hyena!!! It's amazing, I swear. Anyway... I recommend it to all, though you may cry when he dies at the end. And you can't totally disbelieve me, because it won (in 1984) eight Oscars, including Best Supporting Actor and Best Picture!
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