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I'm really hungry. MUST. DISTRACT. SELF.

Apparently I don't update properly enough. Well, here's something for you all.

I never have my phone on when it would be useful to do so. As a result I missed my only chance to wear my Halloween costume. Piss.

I turned my phone on, and got the eight messages, and kicked myself around my room for about four hours.

Call up to apologize. Thankfully all was forgiven and a trip the Oddfellows circus was organized. Cut to Alex's house, break out the Nintendo and reveal to the world how badly I suck at life, the universe and everything. But also, how much I love electricity.

Carmen buzzes off for a while to reherse his performance of Frogs, during which time I spend breaking Alex's TV/Playstation/DVD player, all for Tad's amusement. He made me do it. Once that was finished time was devoted to sleeping of his ankles as payback.

Alex comes in and fixes things. All is well. We watch anime bondage stuff.

Cue Carmen return. We eat candy, fruit, pasta-y proper food etc. I discover I have lost 7lbs just because yay not eating at Uni!

Go to the Circus. Oddfellows!Eren Scares the hell out of me by 1) being dressed as the Devil, and 2) putting needles through his neck. Eeek. Alex begins to feel like sick. I sit with her a while.

Go see Eren backstage... he's so cute! He shows me the inside of the horns, which are filled with sweat.

Alex: they look like >vaginas<
Eren: *is innocently oblivious*

All are driven home. I recall how little I have slept recently. Walk into my dormitory, see bed and fall down.

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